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Seoul Finds Her Talent 2021 Back Cover  Seoul and Zoey

“Seoul Finds Her Talent” is a charming book where a little Korean-American girl named Seoul who lives with her parents and her Halmony (grandmother) and her pug, Kimchi! Seoul is invited to a neighborhood talent show. After learning what that is, she sets out in search for her unique talent. She looks for answers from visiting her friends and her family before she looks inside her Korean culture.  

We learn everyone has something that makes them shine. The book is sprinkled with Korean words and cultural references that teach children about Korean culture and diversity depicted through a modern mixed Korean-American family. 

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5 Stars from Readers Favorite

(5 Star rating from 2021)

Reviewed by Kristine Zimmerman

Kids' talent shows provide a fun showcase for kids to demonstrate their budding talents. Kimberly Ratliff has shown that they can also be used to introduce kids to different cultural traditions. I enjoyed the fact that each of her friends shared their talents and encouraged Seoul even when she wasn't successful. Seoul Finds Her Talent celebrates the uniqueness in all of us. It also highlights a slice of Korean culture that isn't always depicted in children's picture books. As a former children's librarian, I would always welcome multicultural books which I believe serve two purposes. They provide an introduction for those unfamiliar with the culture but they also provide representation so all kids can find books that reflect their life. Ratliff's colorful illustrations enhance the story. I loved Kim-Chi, Seoul's little dog, who also has a talent! Seoul Finds Her Talent is a delightful book that will encourage kids to celebrate their special gifts.